My name is Rachael Ward and I am a singer songwriter. Although I wear many hats in a day this is the one that always fits just right. Music is a part of me in every way possible. It moves me, challenges me and shapes me to the person I am currently. I try to convey real and personal stories in my songs to make them relatable for the world. This blog will be a tool for me to journal my journey through making my first actual EP. I am very excited about this project and the time I am about to put into it. Budget low and friends at hand I have plans to make something truly beautiful and of worth. This blog will also be a way for me to give previews of what is going on in the progress of recording and to share what I love, music. 

Thank you for visiting and please check out the various sites below.

Facebook Music Page:



For any additional information you can contact me by this email:


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