The One

The One

What happens when I get bored on a Sunday…

I make RnB music.


Click ‘The One’ to find out.


Write Me Off

I found this little video tucked away in my files. Its about two months old.


Bedroom Sessions

Bedroom Sessions

ImageToday I had a few hours, well lets say 4 hours, and I used them well. I recorded 4 songs today one is a cover of Somebody I Used to Know. I got pretty creative using a lightbulb and my hands for percussion instruments. I bet my neighbors love me!

Anyways I’ve decided that I’ll be recording everything in my bedroom because I simply can’t beat the acoustics in there. I’ll be using the day time when everyone is out and about to get things done. I have uploaded a song called Run Away on my Tumblr. If you click on Bedroom Sessions (the second title above this picture) you’ll be taken there.

Until then here is a picture of what my little new found corner looks like.


Video Blog #1 – The Drive

Video Blog #1 – The drive.

I’ll be heading out momentarily for my 4 1/2 hr drive to get my ideas and music out. I’m so excited and I hope you check back with me. There will be no sleep, lots of videos and plenty of music in between.



It’s here. The day of travel into the woods to make music. I feel as if I am in a dream. For those of you who make music, dream about it and write it – you know what I mean. Even though this won’t be the most professionally produced artwork this will be so raw and honest I believe it will hit home. 

The idea is to give as much as a live performance as possible. That means perfect takes and recording over and over and over again. Harmonies layered in like a slice of heaven. Again over and over until perfected. This project is about having fun between my friends and I but also brining to life 3 years worth of growth and one year worth of writing my life. 

My life – to a writer that is heavy. This is my life displayed through every chord and word spoken. The truth good or bad, the heartbreak awful and ugly and the triumph to better. It’s all there and its a hundred percent real. I want to have a live feel because when I play this music you can hear the emotion in my voice. You can feel it. 

At this moment I am excited and overwhelmed with the thought… can I do this? Can I complete the dream. I quickly remind myself music is expression and I quickly remind myself what I was told I could never do or what I was almost stopped from doing… I’m doing. 

So please join me as I update with videos, photos and blogs from this journey. Because when it is through so are a lot of things in my life. They’ll be nailed shut into songs and a new chapter begins with this EP. I know my family, friends and followers are excited. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you I am still striving for my dream. And because of everyone who scared me I’m writing it. 🙂

Here’s to anchors!


-Anchor Down, RW

The Plan

Three years ago I had an idea in my mind, after a rather not so lovely break up, that I wanted to write an album concept that defined every stage of love. I wanted it to flow song for song through the beginning, middle, end and the start of new that happens in relationships. I wanted to cover all areas to give the listeners a way to vent, feel and cope with whatever was going on in their lives. 

Three years later I stand here convinced I have those songs collected and ready to get perfected. I have grown so much musically and as a person since that first thought. I am in no way perfect at this, but I feel that will be towards the advantage of the songs. I want it to be raw because emotion is raw and I want it to make you feel but also think. Think of where you are, who you are and challenge your own heart to surface, mend or beat again. 

I have titled the EP and I am quite excited about it. There is a song I wrote a few months ago and in true form to myself these days the song is word for word my life – it’s called ‘Anchors’ and the song is really a structured word play of understanding what you need from what you want, which is love really.  

So I have decided the title of the EP is ‘Anchor Down’ and I’m happy about it. 

Anchor Down means to me:

The greatest gift is love. Love strong. Love relentlessly. Anchor Down. 

This is something I have taken into my own life and practice daily. It’s also something that symbolizes word for word what I want this album to be. I will be recording this EP in bits and pieces, so for now the possible date for finish is hopefully by late Fall.

I can tell you that recording will begin July 20th. I’ll be traveling to Alabama to a cabin in the middle of nowhere  and setting up all my equipment along with a good friend of mine and working on this project.

I will be preparing for that weekend coming up and documenting the whole journey with posts, pictures, videos and audio. So please join me while I do this because if it wasn’t for any of you in and out of my life this wouldn’t be happening. 

So thank you to those who have always believed in me and continue to do so today. 

Here we go.